Democracy Works Foundation shall Analyse, Develop and drive Debate. Our tools speak to your strategies and methodology.

It shall monitor and evaluate the health of democracy in South Africa and beyond, regularly. Our evaluations shall inform our development work. This analysis is intended not only to advise the institute, but to inform the public at large about political changes, socio-economic challenges and democracy developments.

Democracy Works  strengthens citizen and leaders’ capacity to address development challenges and to participate constructively in democracy by providing citizen and political leadership training where it is needed most. We train democrats and change makers. We will furthermore design and introduce new technologies to help lessen the gap between citizens and government. These shall become concrete development products or ‘Tools’.

Democracy Works helps develop more robust capacity of democratic institutions for oversight and to assist with the delivery and content of democracy.

The Foundation will facilitate platforms for debate between citizens, civil society, the corporate sector and (local) government in order to address development challenges.

Throughout this, Democracy Works shall strive to make our work as accessible as possible to the public at large – with or without internet access – as we believe that we need to inform, educate and ensure transparency of our work.

Democracy Works shall furthermore implement an innovative and diversified financial model that will help ensure its local ownership and identity, independence and sustainability.

Introduction to the Parliamentary Monitoring Group – Presentation Report

Introduction to the Parliamentary Monitoring Group is the result of a training conducted by Rashaad Alli and Monique Doyle of the Parliamentary Monitoring Group and the Civil Society Participation in Provincial Legislature Project, run by Democracy Works Foundation with co-funding and technical support from the European Union and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy. Download report here.