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Hosting Services

Democracy Works Foundation provides a fiscal hosting service for fledging Civil Society Organisations that may need to build their profile and capacity before being considered eligible to manage donor funds. We equally provide these services to foreign partners who may not be in a position to register locally.

The main aim of the service is to work with like-minded organisations that compliment DWFs vision of deepening democracy and that are not in a position to open bank accounts and register as legal entities or may wish to share administrative overheads.  DWF will act as an administrative hub providing financial management, budget keeping, and legal oversight without affecting the identity and autonomy of the entities housed.

As a fiscal host, DWF enables these organisations and groups to become accountable to funders and keep good records by virtue of complying with DWF policies and procedures.

DWF will receive donor funding on behalf of the entities and disburse in line with well-tested controls and procedures to reduce the risk of fraud, theft, and mismanagement.

Additionally DWF offers donor organisations grant management and basket fund services.

A fee is charged for the service and will depend on various factors including duration of the project, complexity of transactions as well as size of funding.

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State Capacity Support Unit


The State Capacity Support Unit (SCSU) provides a range of targeted, customised interventions to equip a public service and relevant state agencies with the skills and tools to enhance accountability by preventing, detecting and prosecuting financial misconduct.


The sense of consequence for misconduct among public officials is a proven brake on misuse of public funds. This, in turn, boosts citizen confidence in state institutions and democracy, staff motivation and retainment, staff productivity, service delivery capacity, and prompt anti-dissipation and civil recovery efforts. Compliance with international anti-corruption charters, protocols, agreements and duties is substantially enhanced, which filters into general international and investment standing.

Offering and Deliverables

1. ‘Fire-proofing’: forensic awareness training, integrity testing and law/policy reform
1.1 Forensic awareness training

The SCSU offers:

  • Country-specific workshops, through accredited training providers, focusing on the red-flags of fraud and corruption within the local procurement framework.
1.2 Integrity testing

The SCSU will demonstrate:

  • Models of lawful integrity testing within national legal frameworks, including the use of Voice Stress Analysis for top managers in the public service;
  • Practical top manager vetting techniques, including lifestyle audits, social media analysis, and interviewing techniques; and
  • A ‘Links Alert’ electronic communications analytic tool.
1.3 Law and Policy Reform

The SCSU will identify achievable legal and policy reform opportunities to enhance the efficiency of various accountability measures, including the generation of audit trails, storage of evidence, creation of financial checks and balances, staff recruitment and efficient dismissal.

2. ‘Fire-alarms’: strengthening hard investigative capacity and enhanced due diligence training

2.1 Hard investigative capacity

 The SCSU will produce:

  • ATender Irregularity Primer for Human Resource, Audit and Risk officials and Project Managers;
  • A Payment and Project Mis-Management Primer for Investigators with local relevance;
  • A Metadata Primer for Human Resource and Audit and Risk officials and Project Managers; and
  • Specialist Training on Disrupting Local Fraud and Corruption Networks.

2.2 Enhanced due diligence training

The SCSU offers:

  • Advanced web-based training and assessment modules for executive decision-makers and governance authorities such as Boards and their Audit and Risk Committees.

3. ‘Fire-fighting’ entails restoring internal prosecutorial capacity, creating an infrastructure for experienced initiators or chairpersons and criminal accountability

3.1 Restoring workplace prosecutorial capacity

The SCSU will run:

  • In-house workshops for public officials responsible for dismissal on “Advanced Prosecutorial Skills” within a national legal framework.

The SCSU will produce:

  • An Asset Recovery primer using pension, national civil law and international law;
  • A Professional Standards and Sanctioning Primer using sectoral codes of conduct, filtered through national legislation to hold professional enablers such as lawyers, bankers and auditors accountable.

3.2 Creating the infrastructure for workplace discipline

The SCSU will provide:

  • the Chairperson’s App to all internal adjudicators to guide decision-making on procedural points and objections by the defense;
  • Labour law compliant templates for formulating disciplinary allegations;
  • a database of prior findings on guilt and sanction; and
  • a “Back-to-Front Cross-Exam Guide” for prosecuting financial misconduct.

3.3 Criminal Accountability

The SCSU will survey available disciplinary findings, forensic reports, and other data to prepare:

  • draft criminal complaints and;
  • indictments for consideration by local law enforcement.

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