Ronnie Kasrils on The South African National Election (2014)

Ronnie Kasrils, former ANC National Executive Committee Member, SA Minister for intelligence services and current political activist, speaking here on the (then upcoming) South African national election in 2014.

Fakhamzadeh knows how to throw together a pretty effective combination of web services. He has designed a method to geotag Flickr photos (2006) before Flickr itself was doing it, brought photo marathons to Africa (2007) and won the Highway Africa New Media Award (2007) with Ismail Farouk for

Added to this, Fakhamzadeh created what was probably the first mobile phone based city tour (2004), as well as one of the first (if not the first) QR-code assisted smartphone-based city tours (2009). His latest software projects are Dérive which gets you pleasantly lost in your city and Sliders (for Flickr), a free digital photo frame.

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