Climate for Growth Civil Society Organisation’s Online Masterclasses

Following our engagements with Civil Society Organisations, DWF has developed two Climate for Growth Masterclasses.

Watch Lindokuhle Vellem from the Public Service Accountability Monitor present the keynote address at the latest “Climate for Growth” Civil Society Organisation’s workshop in May 2023. This presentation outlines the processes, timelines, and opportunities civil society organisations need to consider when engaging and participating in government budgets and resource related decision making.


Watch Jolene Shaw, representing Knowledge Pele, for an online version of the keynote address she delivered at the latest “Climate for Growth” Civil Society Organisation workshop in May 2023. In this presentation she shares her wealth of experience in facilitating community relations with Independent Power Producers. This learning session aims to outline the IPP funding landscape and outline best practice processes for building partnerships with the sector.

About The Fostering Inclusive Growth Through Climate Change Champions Project

The Fostering Inclusive Growth Through Climate Change Champions, known as the  “Climate for Growth project”, aims to empower communities to effectively identify and respond to how climate change impacts development priorities within communities and integrate the community’s development priorities into local government planning and resource allocation. The project is co-funded by the European Union and runs from March 2021 until February 2024 in the Northern Cape and Western Cape provinces of South Africa.

Mira has 15 years of research, advocacy, capacity building, media production, and programme management experience and has worked across Southern Africa, in Northern Ireland, and the United States. Her work is focused on good governance and community-driven accountability and has covered areas such as children’s rights, human rights-based budgeting, and government spending, extractive industries and environmental rights as well as fundraising and grant. Her work has been published in books, peer-reviewed journals, and popular media outlets. LinkTV, MNet, the UK Guardian, the Mail&Guardian, and others have published her media work. She has an LL.B (bachelor of law) and an LL.M - Masters in International Human Rights law. Mira is passionate about social justice, human rights, and sustainable development and continues to explore new and innovative approaches to bring about positive change.

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