Civil Society Participation in Provincial Legislatures’ visit to Limpopo


Limpopo visit: meeting with Civil Society Organisations and the Limpopo Legislature

The Civil Society in Provincial Legislatures’ (CSPPL) Team visited the Limpopo Province from the 21st to the 22nd of November in order to meet with existing and new partner CSOs as well as with the representatives of the Provincial Legislature.

The meeting with the CSOs took the form of an information sharing session. Some of the CSOs had been very active in engaging their Provincial Legislatures on the issues that they face specifically in relation to health, safety and security. The engagement session was powerful in the sense that there was an agreement and commitment among the partner CSOs to assist each other in bringing their issues to the Provincial Legislature, to partner and collaborate in collecting the necessary evidence and to share transport costs where possible when travelling to the Provincial Legislature.

The CSPPL team was thrilled to have secured a meeting with members of the Provincial Legislature at the Limpopo Parliamentary Village. We introduced the CSPPL project and discussed the potential areas of collaboration around capacity building, constituency office training, and the facilitation of greater engagement with the CSO partners.  Following this formal engagement we had an informal roundtable discussion between a representative of the Public Participation and Outreach office and CSO partners who had submitted petitions and were awaiting feedback.

These engagements are paving the way for building partnerships between CSO organisations and the Limpopo Provincial Legislature in collaborating on addressing the challenges that communities face.

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