Inclusive Policy Development and Dialogue Programme

Cultivating a culture of inclusive governance through dialogue.


Through the Inclusive Policy Development and Dialogue (IPDD) Programme, Democracy Works Foundation and consortium partner Freedom House Southern Africa provide spaces and platforms for multi-stakeholder engagement in the Kingdom of eSwatini. With the programme’s key focus areas of water and energy, IPDD provides neutral spaces for civil society organisations, community-based organisation, government representatives and other relevant stakeholders to discuss and identify solutions, to better respond to, and represent the needs of society in the areas of water and energy resource management, and policy development.


The dialogues allow participants to engage on locally grounded issues, with representative voices from women, youth, persons living with disabilities and other marginalised groups in eSwatini. This approach on national level policy formulation and implementation moves beyond the “stakeholder consultations” techniques, to ensuring serious engagement between different groups to help articulate government’s plans and programmes so that they accurately reflect citizen-identified needs.