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Democracy Works Academy (DWA) is a youth leadership, civic education and dialogue programme to inspire, empower and connect a new generation of South African change makers. The Academy is aimed at developing the capacities and networks of individuals who are committed to the development of an accountable, responsive and values-based South Africa.


DWA is a partnership initiative between Democracy Works Foundation (DWF) and the In Transformation Initiative (ITI).


The DW Academy will bring together leaders from community-based organisations, civil society and public and private sectors over a series of residential seminars. The curriculum will give participants the appropriate tools to engage and respond to accountability and governance challenges of our democracy. Through a continuous learning approach, young people will have the opportunity to deep-dive into contextual case studies and participate in immersive learning experiences.


The programme delivers:


  • 20 – 30 Democracy Works Academy Leaders annually
  • A year-long civic education programme with 3 residential seminars, an online-learning platform – in partnership with the University of Pretoria, and Political Cafes
  • Discourse and learning with and coaching by political, social and economic leaders
  • Learning experiences in multiple locations across South Africa
  • A network of young ethical and responsive leaders with continued opportunities for collaboration and support from partner networks.


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Creating Leaders To Build Resilient Democracies Democracy Works Academy is a youth leadership, civic education and dialogue programme established to inspire, empower and connect…