Climate Governance

Climate Change remains one of the biggest threats to our existence, potentially reversing some of the advances made in working toward a more just and equitable world.


In Africa, where too many people are concerned about what to feed their families that evening, it is challenging to build a social compact around Climate Change. It falsely appears to be a problem that we only have to worry about in the future.


In South Africa’s context, Civil Society Organisations supply many of the services the government is supposed to provide. CSOs are essential partners in understanding and communicating community needs; they essentially organise around overlooked issues affecting their communities.


The impacts of governance failures are most acutely felt at the local government level. It is thus not surprising that many CSOs have shown a keen interest in being directly involved in creating working partnerships, especially at a local government level around climate change adaptation and mitigation.


DWF recognises that one of the climate and development linked responses that hold specific opportunities is facilitating cross-sectoral relationships. This has the potential to unlock resources and expertise in addressing community-driven and climate-related development challenges.


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