Democracy Works Foundation intends to contribute to fostering democratic culture by providing critical thinking and policy solutions.


We will do so by using our different media and different publication formats, in addition to partnerships with established media corporations.


This page captures our different publication formats. You will find articles (opinion pieces and contemplations), blogs (more personal accounts of events and work), papers (longer and more professional and academic analysis), policy briefs (short analysis and policy recommendations) and books published by our people.


Look in the sidebar on the drop-down menu for the different format categories.



Democracy Works Foundation does not necessarily always agree with everything our contributors publicise, film or photograph on our platforms. We have a stringent but tolerant editorial policy and strive to always be constructive in our approach while not remaining silent on difficult issues.


But we equally strive to offer online platforms to our Democracy Works people so they can air their opinions and ideas without censorship. Therefore we will not always agree with contributors.